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Our comprehensive Home Study course will provide you with state-of-the-art aromatherapy education which unites science with intuition. In this marvelous educational opportunity Dr. Poran shares her 25 years experience and research findings. The course is unique in many ways and incorporates elements of spirituality and eastern healing perspectives. It is divided into 3 parts: each part has a different focus and includes 10 different essential oils and various fun and informative assignments. Each course part also entitles you to a one-on-one phone conference with Dr. Poran (if you are local you can receive live sessions instead). We at the Aroma Science Institute have only one aim and that is to make you an excellent aromatherapist! In addition to the course materials you will receive blending supplies (organic oils, bottles, pipettes, labels etc.) If you are a massage therapist you are awareded 30 NCBTMB Category A national continuing education credits. Please email us for the course syllabus and further information.

Bonus to our students: Option to purchase exquisite organic essential oils at wholesale prices! Course Fee: $445 (10% off if you bring a friend). Credit card payments accepted -click on the "Buy Now" icon at the top of the page.

Thank you for your willingness to participate in our ongoing quest for excellence in aromatherapy education!


Basic Aromatherapy Course

July 17-18, 2004
Sacramento, CA

Course open to holistic health professionals and the general public


This 2-day course will be held at a location in the greater Sacramento area (Total 15 NCBTMB CEs Category A for LMBTs)

Aromatherapy can greatly enhance physical health and emotional well being, and is gradually becoming a "stand alone" holistic health field. In this highly rewarding and transformative course you’ll aqcuire the basics for becoming an excellent aromatherapist:

* A comprehensive view of the aromatherapy field and its scientific background
* Hands-on experience in the safe and effective use of the 20 most important essential oils
*Learn how to create synergistic customized blends for various therapeutic purposes

Upon completion of course requirements, you will have acquired the basic skills to successfully and safely use essential oils and enjoy their numerous benefits.

If you are interested in receiving a NAHA Level 1 Certification you can attend the 2-day course continuation (through the 20th) or purchase of our home study course (see above). This complete course will provide a total of 30 CEs to LMBTs.


July 17-18 course: $155 if you register by July 7 and $195 thereafter

4-day NAHA Level 1 comprehensive, July 17-20 (or home study continuation): $395 by July 7 and $445 thereafter

As a student you will gain access to organic oils at wholesale prices!



* Aromatic Retreat + Aromatherapy Certification!


SEPTEMBER 18-21, 2004

Join Dr. Poran for a memorable aromatic retreat in Costa Rica when the fragrant orchids are in full bloom and their heavenly scent permeates the rainforest...

  • Dr. Poran, Director of the Aroma Science Institute, will be presenting a fabulous retreat and a simultaneous aromatherapy certification course opportunity in beautiful Costa Rica. This is the perfect place to advance your career as a holistic health practitioner or just learn how to use aromatherapy to enhance the health and well-being of those you care about.
  • Aromatherapy is about true holistic healing of the mind, body and spirit, as well as a wonderful combination of ART and SCIENCE. Dr. Poran will provide state-of-research findings about essential oils, as well as share her wealth of knowledge and therapeutic experience. Each day you will learn about wonderful new oils and experience creating your own customized blends that will surprise you. You will leave with a precious new skill that involves a fun and highly effective way to healing.
  • This retreat will include a rare opportunity for the aromatherapy lover: a trip to a local essential oil distillery and permaculture farming of fragrant herbs! You are also invited to join Dr. Poran on an Eco-Adventure trip to one of the most pristine beaches in the world!
  • You can expect twenty hours of expert aromatherapy instruction
    * All course materials such as essential oils, pipettes, bottles etc. for you blending experience will be provided.
    * Holistic Aromatherapy Certification will be issued upon completion of simple (take home optional) course requirements.
  • Various optional activities for those who would like to extend their trip are: outings such as white water rafting, hiking up to a volcano, visiting the butterfly farm, ropes course in the canopies, shopping etc.
  • Instructor: Dr. Health, known for her creative, enthusiastic, and engaging style of instruction and her love for the oils, has inspired many students to incorporate what they have learned in their own practice, spa products and everyday life. The course is intensive and cutting-edge, yet presented in a very relaxed and fun way and is often described by the students as "life-transforming."

For more information and reservation please Call 916-964-6319 or email The course fee is $450 and room at B&B is $50/night or $25/night if you'd like to share a room. Plane tickets on are only around $350! Looking forward to meeting you there!



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Dr.  Poran is available for on-site aromatherapy group training locally and Nationwide!