Invited Presentations

Dr. Health is a sought-after speaker on aromatherapy and holistic health. Her professional background as Toastmasters Club President and University Lecturer have shaped her presentation style which is described as "engaging, filled with humor, originality, and wealth of knowledge." Dr. Health's lectures are always multidisciplinary as she draws upon pertinent information from diverse fields such as Aryuvedic medicine and other Eastern traditions, botany and chemistry of essential oils, human physiology and psychology, the arts, and the less tangible energetics disciplines.

*The Aromatherapy and Spirituality workshop is a popular workshop in places of worship and for personal growth retreats.

* conducted workshops at several massage institutes in the area emphasizing the complementary action of massage and Aromatherapy.

*Dr. smell also gives presentations to businesses as well as classes. Most recently to the Medicinal Plants course in the Botany Department at NC State.

To invite us for a speaking engagement:

Education is one of Dr. Health's main passions and she strongly feels that a major shift in responsiveness is currently taking place where people open up to holistic health and are ready for the self responsibility involved in health maintenance. Being a healer, she sees her role in facilitating the awakening of individuals who desire to change and improve their lives/health. In order to reach larger audiences she is participates holistic health conferences and personal growth retreats but is also available for smaller group settings especially any of ASI's course and seminar offerings which are available by invitation.

Dr. Health has conducted workshops at universities, Medical Centers, Corporations and a multitude of other functions. She conducts national and international seminars and experiential workshops as well as training programs for professionals.


To invite Dr. Health for a speaking engagement: e-mail info@aromascience.net or call (916) 161-1357

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