Scientific Research Skills for Holistic Health Practitioners

(12 CEUs)


In order to make holistic health disciplines widely accepted and respected fields, knowledge about the therapeutic effectiveness of these practices needs to be presented in ways that will convince a scientific-minded, skeptical audience. This workshop will present the basic logic and principles of scientific inquiry, and will demonstrate how these can be applied to fields with great inherent variability such as aromatherapy. In a step-by-step process and using relevant examples, Dr. Poran will illustrate how to approach a potential study from its conception to its final publication. The need for collaborative efforts and possibly a new holistic paradigm for future research will be discussed.

This 2-day intensive weekend course is tailored to holistic health practitioners who are considering research projects on the therapeutic effects of their discipline. The course provides the basic principles and skills needed to start conceptualizing and laying the foundation for a valid scientific study. Topics covered include the scientific method (which is based on observations, formation of hypotheses, hypotheses testing and controlled experimentation), literature search, practical and other experimental constraints, basics of experimental design, treatments, dependent and independent variables, overview of basic statistics, note taking, measurements and data gathering, before-after visuals, data analysis and how to write up the results for publication in a respectable journal. Dr. Poran will share examples of published research (mainly in areas of Reiki, Aromatherapy, Massage and Iridology) as well as hypothetical excercizes for interactive group discussion and critique. A scientific research proposal of an independent study based on the concepts and guidelines covered in class is a requisite for obtaining the course certificate.

Transcripts for 12 Continuing Education Units (CEU) NCBTMB Category A for LMBTs will be issued at the end of 2nd day of class. Continuing Education credits for Holistic Nurses (AHNA) pending.

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