Courses & Workshops

ASI's classes are taught in a relaxed environment and encourage learning through interactive participation, hands-and nose-on activities, and open group discussions with Dr. Health. All classes over 3 hours in length involve training in synergistic blending, and students learn to create their own customized blends. Continuing Education Credits are available to licensed massage therapists and soon to registered nurses as well.

Dr. Health is available to teach any of the courses below by invitation. If you would like to organize a course in your area, ASI has special incentives for you: info@aromascience.net.

Introduction to Aromatherapy Workshop

Holistic Aromatherapy and NAHA Level 1 Certifications

Advanced Aromatherapy Training


Aromatherapy and Spirituality Workshop

Scents and Sensuality Workhsop

Scientific Research Skills for Holistic Health Practitioners

Stress Management with Aromatherapy Workshop

Schedule of Current Events

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