Basic Aromatherapy Courses

20-30 hours



This Basic Aromatherapy course (20-25 hours) provides a comprehensive, up-to-date overview of the aromatherapy field, and covers its scientific basis using a holistic framework. The course is designed for holistic health practitioners who would like to incorporate aromatherapy into their practice. The course provides hands-on experience and knowledge of the safe and effective use of 40 essential oils. Students learn how to create synergistic, customized blends for therapeutic purposes. Case studies illustrate the ways by which the therapeutic effects of essential oils can significantly enhance the healing benefits of massage. Upon completion of the course requirements, health practitioners will have acquired the basic skills to gradually incorporate aromatherapy into their practice. This course usually consists of four 5-7 hr workshops.

Continuing Education Credits: 20-25 NCBTMB CEUs Category A for LMBTs. Pending for RNs.


This course (30 hours), covers in addition to the basic course material, also higher level topics in aromatherapy and hands on experience in creating health care products such as lotions and salves tailored to massage applications. This course is usually spread over 5 days.

Continuing Education Credits: 30 NCBTMB CEUs Category A for LMBTs. Pending for RNs.

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