* Therapeutic Blends for:

* Stress relief, Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, Tension Headaches, PMS, Menopause, Sprains and Bruises and various other conditions...

These blends are designed to offer relief and stimulate true healing. They can either be inhaled, applied to the skin, or added to a warm bath for an enjoyable therapy.

* Environmental Fragrancing
For offices and businesses: create the right ambiance

These blends are designed to be diffused into a room or office space as a way to create an atmoshpere that enhances working relations, productivity and mood.

* Personal Perfumes
Natural, organic perfumes to enhance mood and well-being

These exquisite blends are designed to be worn on the skin just like synthetic perfumes with the added benefit that they are all-natural, enhance mood and well-being and can be tailored to your individual needs.

All of Dr. 's blends can be customized. Email info@aromascience.net for details and pricing.

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