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ASI was founded to promote the knowledge of Aromatherapy through education and scientific research. Our objective is to make Aromatherapy an accepted form of holistic health careand altermative medicine for every household.

At the Aroma Science Institute we specialize in state-of-the-art LIVE as well as HOME STUDY Aromatherapy courses and workshops. We deeply care about your future success as an aromatherapist thus in both our live and homestudy courses (over the phone) you receive supervised instructions by Dr. Poran in essential oil blending. Synergistic blending techniques are an integral part of our excellent aromatherapy training. We provide you the skills you need to customize your own blends upon graduation.

The Aroma Science Institute offers Aromatherapy courses leading to certification as well as various workshops conducted in a relaxed small group setting. Continuing education credits are available for CMTs and soon for RNs as well.

In addition, one-on-one consultations and customized blends are scientifically based on analysis of physiographical responses (such as heart rate and skin conductance) to various oils.

The Aroma Science Institute , also creates customized personalized Aromatherapy perfumes, environmental fragrances for offices and workplaces, and now offers its own line of performance and fitness products to Health Clubs and Spas.

The Aroma Science Institute is the East Coast representative of the " The Aromatherapist," the world's largest line of organic and wild essential oils from Germany. The finest health conscious stores and establishments in the area already carry this exquisite line.

Some of the advantages of our instruction include:
Students experience the often profound variability in individual responses to the oils which is critical for future application....The blending experience and feedback we provide, helps our students gain the necessary confidence in their ability to successfully incorporate aromatherapy into their practice and daily lives....Student questions are answered promptly and students develop the crucial perspective that aromatherapy is a richly colored discipline with a lot of flexibility. Specific student interests are always addressed with the most up to date information. We have the knowledge and expertise to handle emotional releases which may be triggered by essential oils in novice aromatherapists....We have found that our style of instruction promotes individual growth and creativity as well as bonding among classmates with lasting friendships in our live courses...

The Aroma Science Institute offers the following products and services:

Courses for Certification:

Aroma Science Institute Holistic Aromatherapy and NAHA Level 1 certifications. The institute's cutting edge courses and superb instruction have drawn students from as far as Japan and Italy and from all over the US. We care about providing a solid (yet extensive) foundation to our students that can readily be built upon with our one-on-one advanced training. Our intense NAHA Level 1 classes considerably exceed the NAHA requirements. ASI has been awarded the TAP (True Aromatherapy Product) seal conforming to NAHA's highest standards of education.

ASI offers a variety of unique aromatherapy workshops as well as advanced aromatherapy training. See our Course Information Page and our Upcoming Events Page

Continuing Education Credits: NCBTMB Nationally Approved Provider Category A # 152197-10 for LMBTs; CE Credits to RNs (AHNA) pending.

Wholesale organic essential oil prices to ASI graduates! We want our students to go out there and practice what they have learned. Unfortunately prices of good quality essential oils are often prohibitive. Luckily, however, our long-standing working relationship with "The Aromatherapist," the world's largest line of exquisite organic and wildcrafted oils from Germany, enables us to extend wholesale prices to all of our students!

One-on-one health consultations and customized therapeutic blends: Dr. Poran relies on many years of experience in aromatherapy as well as kinesiology and iridology (and when necessary, scientific analysis of physiographical responses, such as heart rate and skin conductance as well) to create potent therapeutic formulas for her clients.

Customized essential oil blends for personal natural perfumes and environmental fragrances for offices and workplaces. ASI's own line of therapeutic products which include sleep promoting, digestive health and sports injuries formulas are currently available. The Aroma Science Institute incorporates only organic or wildcrafted essential oils in its products.

ASI welcomes research collaboration with other organizations and institutions. Our institute is currently conducting several studies on the psychological and physiological effects of essential oils.

Dr. Poran has unique enthusiasm and in-depth knowledge of subject matter. Her warm and engaging personality and knowledge of essential oil chemistry makes for an excellent presentation of the course.
Paul , Carborro, NC

"I loved the quality of the oils we worked with (The Aromatherapist). I've taken what I learned in class and applied it to come up with effective home remedies for my clients and family.
Fred , Havelock, NC

I loved the hands on experience and relaxed, open dialogue! The course was very informative, invigorating, and most enjoyable. Glad to know you, Dr. Poran.
Bernadette , Jacksonville, NC
I thoroughly enjoyed the course for certification! It was an invaluable experience in terms of how to properly dilute the oils and customize the blends. This class is a MUST for students who are SERIOUS about the proper use of essential oils for therapeutic purposes.
Marsha , LMBT, Moravian Falls, NC

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